Joshisms: Words of Wisdom (Age 6)

Joshua’s mom shares her memories from her journal of her son’s words of wisdom at age 6. We hope you enjoy these as much as we do!

On Evaluating How Hungry One Might Be

Words of Wisdom by Children

Joshua of Joshisms, age 6

“I’m so hungry even my butt is growling.” (November 14, 2012)

On Halloween Manners

Josh on Halloween, 2009

Josh on Halloween, 2009

Out on the town hitting out the sugar shacks, Joshua is paying compliments to all the home owners dishing out the candy on Halloween.

“You carve pumpkins really good!”

“Your mummy is really scary!”

“Your dog is so cute!”

(October 31, 2012)

On Learning to Ride a Bike

I taught two, yes two, children how to ride bikes today without training wheels. Three hours and complete exhaustion later, they were both riding on their own. During training, Joshua stopped me in the middle of training so he could say a prayer to God so He could help him learn how.

(June 21, 2012)

When No One Is Listening or Answering

Josh exploring tide pools with his sister, Syd

Josh beachcombing with sister, Syd.

While looking at Nana’s care compass readings in her rear-view mirror, Josh asked, “What is SW?”

…no answer (Nana and I were in the middle of a conversation)…

“What is SW?” he asked again. When no one responded, he said loudly,

“Doesn’t anybody have a clue?” That caught our attention!

On Solving an Impasse

Josh playing baseball in 2012

Josh playing ball in 2012.

Josh–“I have to go to the bathroom really bad!” I looked at Nana and she looked at me, each of us telling the other the reason that the other should take him to the bathroom. So Josh calmly replies, “Just work it out with Rock, Paper, Scissors.” Ah, words of wisdom.

On Providing Encouraging Support

Josh–“You can do it Mom!”

Mom–“No, I don’t think I can.”

Josh–“Don’t give up, Mom. If you keep trying, you will get it!”

I had been trying to open the Strategy game box that had been tightly shut from before.

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