Joshisms: Confucianism Meets Yogisms (Age 10)

Joshua: Creator of Joshisms

Joshua: Creator of Joshisms

In a cross between Confucianism (Confucius, an ancient Chinese philosopher) and Yogisms (Yogi Berra, a baseball catcher for the NY Yankees), The Inner Niche editors compile Joshisms. Joshisms are witty thought-provoking words of wisdom uttered on any particular day by Joshua (currently, in 2016, 10 years old). Born in 2006, he has displayed his sense of humor and adult-like language since he started talking. Wonder if Yogi Berra started out this way.  

On Having a Spiritual Mentor

Josh and Grandma

“It is always an experience with Josh. Non-stop history or geography lesson (from him).”– Papa (Photo: Josh and great Grandma)

My turn to post a “Joshism.” A few minutes ago, I was washing dishes and Josh was in the bathtub. His computer (in the kitchen) was on “pause” and it suddenly turned on by itself. While I was trying to pause it again, Josh came into the kitchen.

“What happened?’ he asked.

“I don’t know; I was washing dishes,” I said. “Maybe it was a ghost.”

“Really?” he answered.

“No,” I said. “I don’t believe in ghosts.” Then I added, “Josh, if I were a ghost, do you think I would be a good ghost or a bad one?”

With great enthusiasm, he answered, “You would be an epic awesome ghost, Grandma!” Nice to have a fan club.

(Per Grandma)

On Keeping Track of Epiphanies when They Occur!

Per Papa…

After homework last night, Josh asked me if I could help him research Clone Troopers. Why I asked. “I want to draw one”. After looking at many pages of troopers, he settled on a particular helmet he had in mind after telling me what legion each was from. He spent quite a bit of time drawing. He came to me all excited.

“Grandpa, look at how good this is! This inspires me to do art! I am going to draw a trooper next. This was an awesome day, especially at the end!”

After going to bed, all of the sudden he is in our room. “Something just popped into my head. Do you think I can get some art supplies for my art?”

Grandma said, “We can do that.”

“Is it OK if other things pop into my head I can come tell you before I go to sleep?” I suggested he take notes instead so he doesn’t forget. He went to sleep.

On the 2016 Presidential Election & Writing

Joshua’s great grandfather, Papa, picked him up from school. Josh bounced into the truck and said, “I think I could be a book writer.” Papa asked why he thought that and he responded, “I had to write a story for my testing and it was really good. The subject was a walrus. His characters were Donald “Gates” Trump, Angry Bernie, and Neutral Hillary, plus reporter Josh. Sort of went like this…

‘Donald said to reporter Josh, a walrus moves very slowly on land. Angry Bernie got mad and said it can go 15 mph, and Neutral Hillary said I don’t care about the walrus I only care about my emails.’ Papa hoped his teacher was fair and balanced. (May 18, 2016)

Regarding Ravens and Stolen Lunches


Thanks to: CC BY-SA 3.0,

Josh got home today and was very hungry. He said a raven stole his lunch at school. Judy asked how the raven could have gotten it out of his backpack. “Ravens are very smart and know how to open zippers”, he said. I asked how he was the raven “I saw it flying away.” You mean he had that big ziplock bag in his mouth? “Yes he did.” (as told by great grandpa…a.k.a. Papa, May 19, 2016)

On Nightly Conversations with God

Prayer time with Josh often surprises me. Last night the three of us prayed and Josh asked if we could form a circle! Not sure where that came from. Night before I asked if he wanted to pray. “I really don’t have anything in mind,” he said. Love his forthrightness! (as told by great grandpa…a.k.a. Papa, May 6, 2016)

Joshua over the years

Joshua over the years.

2014, Age 8: Making a Statement

Exchange between Sydney and Josh trying to comfort Isabella crying:

“She likes to look at me, watch… Isabella,” Joshua says trying to get Isabella’s attention.

Sydney looks at him with disgust and rolls her eyes saying, “suuurree”.

“Mom, that wasn’t very nice was it?” Joshua asks me.

Sydney chimes in and says, “well you were bragging”.

“No I wasn’t. It’s called making a statement,” he replies in a very literal sense.

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