EZQuest Logic Pro X Shortcuts Cover Review

As a long-time user of Logic Pro X, EZQuest offered me an opportunity to test out their Logic Pro X Keyboard Shortcuts Cover. Logic Pro X is very complex software with a high learning curve. The cover is arranged nicely with all the key combinations coordinated using color codes. All users of Logic could benefit from this keyboard shortcuts cover; even an expert would appreciate its benefits.

Logic Pro X Color-Coded Keys for Easy Access

EZQuest's Logic Pro X Keyboard Shortcuts Cover

EZQuest’s Logic Pro X Keyboard Shortcuts Cover

The color-coded red keys are most frequently used shortcuts when editing digital music. The red coloring really pops to make it faster to access when glancing at the cover.  I’ll flip through the tools displayed as shortcuts 1 through 5 a couple of hundred times when composing music during a four-hour session. It’s great to have them right on the keys for easy reference, as opposed to straining your memory or reverting to the navigation to find the shortcut code.

For example, digital music editors will constantly switch back and forth from the mixer to the piano roll. Another example…Bounce, Command B, bounces audio turning a MIDI file into an audio clip/wave file, which can then be edited. After you bounce to a wave block, you can zoom in and out using Command Plus and Minus, then select the scissors tool (#5) and edit the wave form.

Non-Slip, Durable Silicon Keyboard Cover

EZQuest Logic Pro X Keyboard Shortcuts Cover

EZQuest Logic Pro X Keyboard Shortcuts Cover

In general, the quality of the shortcuts keyboard cover is really good. The cover fits like a glove over my keyboard. It’s nice to the touch, easy to use, and seems to be very sturdy.

Overall, I would give the EZQuest Logic Pro X Keyboard Shortcuts Cover 5 stars out of a possible 5.

Travis Lloyd, Rukus Music

Travis Lloyd: Logic Pro X aficionado with assistant, Bear

Travis Lloyd (a.k.a. Rukus) is a Logic Pro X aficionado aproduces a wide range of EDM, mixing styles such as dirty electro/D&B/Dubstep. He’s been using Logic for seven years and shares his passion for editing with Logic here. He holds a bachelor’s in math with a minor in computer science. You can find Rukus on SoundCloud. Like this page to show some love and stay posted.

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