Love Wild Life on HuluPlus (Wild Birds!)

It’s summer, so of course our favorite shows are on hiatus. To try to fill the void, we decided to go poking around on HuluPlus and stumbled upon a wonderful documentary for those who share a love of nature: Wild Life (especially the episode spotlighting wild birds).

The first three episodes are focused on the formation of the land bridge between North and South America and the merging of wild life between the two continents, which is really fascinating! In fact, it features two land masses in the Pacific Ocean that are

Amazing Wild Birds

I especially enjoyed episode three of the first season, “Nature’s Erector Set.” I discovered a new bird to add to my Favorite Birds list: the Resplendent quetzal. According to the show, and National Geographic, the quetzals were sacred to the ancient Maya and Aztec people. They viewed he quetzal as a symbol of goodness and light: “God of the air”.

Resplendent Quetzal

The Resplendent Quetzal

While I fell in love with this stunning beauty, there were also some great video shots of hummingbirds, a raccoon hiding from a jaguar, and a  myriad of other birds.

As entertaining as magpies and jays can be, the white-throated magpie-jay featured in this episode was hilarious. After snagging a piece of fruit, it was perplexed as to how to get it to his beak. Fun to watch.

Wild birds in Central America

The White-Throated Magpie-Jay

If you have subscribe HuluPlus and you love to see the beauty of our Earth, you should check this documentary series out. Here are a few screenshots of the phenomenal photography.

Some of my favorites:

Kids, you just might lose me to South America some day! Check out some screenshots on SlideShare:


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